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Yukky Bugs!!!

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  • Yukky Bugs!!!

    this made me shudder making this - I am sooo glad it is finished - I hated it working close up with these gross crawling things.. You should see what they look like when I had to blow them up to 400% in size to work on them.. those beady little eyes staring at me and ugly little nippers. I hate them eeeekkk!!!.......But I know Boys will be boys and they love to collect them.
    I remember when I painted ( by hand and brush - not digital) a wall mural where there was a section that I had to paint a spider in a web - it was big brown hairy legged thing!! and after I painted it I had to cover it by taping a tissue over it because I just couldn't rest my arm and wrist there to paint a bit further up the wall... out of the corner of my eye it kept freaking me out ... so ridiculous.. arachnophobia!!!
    So here's my bugs and I'm glad to be rid of them LOL


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    Gosh, this is so typical of little boys. I have a son who was never happier, than when he was in the garden collecting bugs in his jamjar. Then we had to have show and tell. Moonbeam if you think looking at pics is gross, try a little boy's show and tell session


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      Oh Vanessa - I KNOWWWWWW!!! the things I used to find in my sons pockets..


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        LOL that's so adorable my girls Yes girls love bugs and I'm forever having spiders, worms, praying mantis, crickets, ants gosh you name it all through the house they adore bugs and this work of art you have created is priceless
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          Hmmm? maybe I was a bit sexist LOl.. I should have called it Kids n Bugs.. my daughter was a tomboy but still scrared of bugs Hehehehe


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            Okie ........ I am definitely not ' buds lover' but definitely love your layout
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