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  • Pretty Hot Stuff!!

    Ha!!! I knew that would make you look LOL
    first of all I want to apologise for "hogging" the whole page at once in the gallery. - I Uploaded 15 pages or something but I selected my personal gallery and I didnt think they would go in the public gallery section - but they did! ALL of them - so sorry to flood the gallery folks!I was just trying to store them in my personal gallery OOPS! Just as well I didnt put the skinny dipping in the river photos in there hey! ( just joking)
    But seeing I have I thought you might laugh at these 2 pages from our holiday last year on the Riverboat...
    it was winter and we had "Camp fires" on the bank every night... talk about pyromaniacs.. we really stoked 'em up .. not the sort of fire to toast marshmallows on.
    .. my brother dragged this big hollow log onto the fire and we kept stoking it until the fire burst thru the hollow centre and came roaring out the end like a flame thrower.. it was fun- really a relaxing holiday...

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    These are really lovely


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      Oh wow! fantastic
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        Love these Moonbeam, amazing photos.


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          I am quite afraid of 'fire & flame'. :P But this is definitely a lovely page dear!

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            LOL you made me look! and great LO it's done so well it looks like it's about to leap off that LO and into your lap. Well done indeedly doo's
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