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    Originally posted by Moonbeam View Post
    thats cool! so you obviously found the mage attachments thing... tell me now please HOW did you do an actual picture of your desktop?
    I'll try my best to explain...
    • With desktop showing on screen (obviously LOL)
    • Select PrtSc / SysRq (that's key next to F12 on my keyboard) This will copy image to clipboard.
    • I now open PAINT & paste image there. Save in jpg format.
    • I then crop if necessary...

    This works for me BUT maybe someone else knows BETTER way....


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      Wow! That looks really cool but....ummm.....can someone tell me how to get rid of all the icons on my desktop? Seems like everytime I get some new software they stick an icon on my desktop. Can we hide them somehow? Mine take up nearly half the screen!

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        • If you look at my screenshot with my Grandsons, you'll see my icons.
        • Some have little 'curly' arrows on the bottom left-hand corner.
        • These icons are only shortcuts to programs & can be safely deleted.
        • Click ONCE on appropriate icon & hit DEL key.
        • You should then be prompted that you're going to remove the shortcut icon & select YES.

        This should work for you.


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          I love looking at a picture that makes me smile from both inside and outside your fantastic with how you did this it's come out so rich and it really makes you smile
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