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  • Heritage kit & Likeness

    OK - a sneak look at my new kit. Just been completed to day and I'm doing a few layouts to fully test it. Couldn't resist to tease you a little with this one. LOL You are just going to have to wait. He he he

    Kit: Old Times by Carena's Designs
    Coming to shop soon.

    Take a look at the photo of me and then the one of my mum - my goodness I called mum over take a look at it. Couldn't get over the likeness. A bit scary if you ask me.

    Kind wishes from Carena
    Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
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    This is lovely Carena and yes the likeness is very strong. Great job with that corner by the way.


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      This is beautiful Carena, and you do resemble your mom! Everyone tells me I look like mine too.


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        very beautiful, I love it!
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          Wow, the likeness is striking! Great page!

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            You do look like twins! I love the new kit! Very nice!

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              I've been asked regarding the text in my layout on the book.

              QUOTE: I was not sure the picture and text will look so normal if we only use SBM. If I just lay a photo down and rotate it on the open book I don't think it will look that good.

              So I have done that book area of the layout with Scrapbook Max. The attached is the result along with my Photoshop CS2 version side by side. I've used a different text as I can't remember which one I used now. LOL and a different photo as I'm not sure where the photo is in the original but I'm sure you can get the idea plus I was in a hurry.

              The only advantage with photoshop in this instance is the ability of being able to distort an image or text by stretching out the corners but the price difference in the program is enormous. I'm sure you will agree that there is really not alot of difference in the layouts. Also consider that in this layout I've put the book in quiet large and in a normal layout it would probably be alot smaller and any differences less noticable.

              Scrapbook Max gives an excellent result for minimum money. I use CS2 to do my layouts most times as after spending such a huge amount of money I want to get the maximum value for my money. And yes, some of what I do in my layouts can't be acheived with the SBM program but most times it all comes back to how much money you'd like to pay. All I can say though is learn SBM program and use it to it's full potention. There are many features in the program that are very similar to more expensive programs.

              Hope this helps, but if anyone has any question re: my layouts - feel free to message me. I'll help as much as I can.
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              Kind wishes from Carena
              Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
              Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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                Again--thank you so much for showing people how this program is well worth every penny they spent on it. The value for what you get is well worth it.

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                  What a gorgeous kit and uncanny the resemblance between your mum and you
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                    That is really good
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