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    This is a photo of me taken in 1969 when I was 7 - my first school pic. I used to hate my red hair, freckles and almond shaped eyes because I was always teased about them by the boys. When I grew up having gone through the phase of dyeing it blond, I realised that most women would pay a fortune just to have what I inherited naturally.

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    Beautiful Vanessa!! You have no worries there-Love your picture!!

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      Beautiful - then and now!


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        Gorgeous red hair. Mine used to be much redder than it is now. The red is fading out to brown but I too hated the red hair, freckles and, in my case, naturally curly hair. So I understand completely! But at least you were a cute kid.

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          You were beautiful and still are! I didn't have red hair, but my family is full of red heads. Grand Parents on both sides and both of my sisters had a child with red hair, my Great nephew is also a red head.


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            Wow, Vanessa, glad you came to your senses. Gorgeous kid, lovely lady!!! Beautiful layout!


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              Can't kids be cruel. Today's kids dye their hair at such a tender too! You looked really pretty Vanessa
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