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  • My newest attempt!

    This is a siggie I made and as it's 2:30am, I'm not doing any more to it but need to add my name...somewhere on there! I love it bc I finally figured out how to use fonts in PSP!! Simple right? You'd think but I kept flubbing it up!
    NOW, I wanna learn how to make the background cleaner, where I've erased areas..... but for now....WDYT?

    *I can't remember where the "C" and "S" letters came from but if memory serves-it was from ShabbyPrincess.
    *Elements came from Yvette-Wrapped Up in Love and Sharia Braxton-Sweetie Pie.
    *I can't remember where the small doodle came from.
    **The all mine**

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    Awesome work - Fab extractions
    Kind wishes from Carena
    Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
    Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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      Great job. Congrats on the LO, and that is a beautiful toddler.
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        Extractions are hard but it will come with time. I think you did a great job! Your baby is adorable!

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          What age are they toddlers??? She's only 14 months... and not toddling yet. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Everytime I make a new one, I think it's my newest favorite. LOL

          I'm going to change the "Inside the box" portion of the wording and put it INSIDE the box with a different font choice. I don't like how it's all smooshed together. And it would have more impact, I think, to actually be inside the box-to back up what it's saying.
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            Love how you have the different pics and how you worded everything.

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