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    I took this today. We went to my mom's to shovel that white stuff! (I think we got about 7 inches).
    Ron layed down on the couch because he wasn't feeling good, he has a cold. Kobi is not allowed on the furniture, only your lap if you are sitting. So he just decided to hop up on Ron and went over to the arm of the couch and layed down (with his tail over Ron's head!). I just couldn't resist taking the picture. Luckily I had left my camera at her house last night.

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    Cute picture! We had another pile of snow too,
    2nd day in a row! We have about a foot in our yard again.


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      Too Cute!! We didn't get all that snow, supposed to get 6 inches didn't get though!!
      Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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        Oh how cute is that
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          Now that is funny! Very cute!
          You snow people are making me jealous! It is about 60 degrees and raining here, UGH!!!

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            lol great caption & excellent page

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