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    I am new to digital scrapbooking and want to know what you think of my pages thus far?

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    I like this sort of page, is simple in layout but effective, and that's all you need. Well done.
    All the best from Nanny Bernie.
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      I love it as well...I might have made the word art bigger...But it is nice just the way it is too...Great job!
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        Very simplistic and pretty!


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          Great page Vicki. I would add some shadows to your elements so it "pops" and makes it look a little less flat and gives dimension.

          Also I recommend to anyone looking to improve is to take a good looks around the gallery and find layouts you like the look of and then try and "scraplift" that means - try your hand at something much the same using a kit that you like. Some might think this is copying but I don't feel that way - unless you are using the extact same kit - to me it isn't copying. They always turn out different looking from the original. IT's a great way to extend yourself and abilities and it's great fun and gives you heaps of ideas. Start off with something more simple and then move on as your skills improve to something harder and more complicated.
          Hope this helps you. Hugs
          Kind wishes from Carena
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            Thanks ladies, I took your advice and made several new pages that are way better, but i keep getting error messages uploading them here