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    beautiful Kaye


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      Thanks's good to see you back btw


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        Got a few more today

        You may notice a few pictures revised...I must stop or the book will never be completed lol

        Mum and dad and dads parents in 1959

        Jorina Vermeer, my Dads Grandmother

        Mum abd Dad Before they married


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            absolutely tremendous layouts on your pages Kaye! Beautiful work


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              one more :-)

              My Aunty and Uncles wedding with mum and my other Aunty as bridesmaids


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                Thanks Dee


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                  You have such wonderful photo's to work with. Pages are lovely as always, and a pleasure to look at.


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                      Kaye - just taking a look through this thread and really noticed now much your pages have changed from when you first started posting them, to the style of page you are making now. Awesome work. Love them
                      Kind wishes from Carena
                      Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
                      Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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                        Thank you Carena, yes i look at some of my first LO's, even some of my middle LO's and cringe lol

                        The challenges are what has helped me immensly, I only wish there were more on here, not sure what has happened of late...


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                          My dad as a baby

                          My brother and sister about 34 years ago

                          My great grandfsther, young and old


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                            Beautiful History Kaye!!! Awesome work!!


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                              Thank you Kimmy

                              I had finished the book and I tried to make it 70 pages but it would only let me do 60 or 80!!, so a few more lol

                              My great nephew

                              I rehashed one I did with us girls and did one for mum and dad too

                              This took me ages to figure out how to scrap this one, so many vivid colours they are wearing, I thought it needed to be bright and bold...I am happy enough, will take on any suggestions if you have any!

                              and a pic of our family in 1972..I'm next to dad with my dame edna glasses!!


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                                Beautiful Wench!!! The Baby LO is just Precious!!! I like the LO with all the bright colors, its Happy Looking

                                Hey, I like the Glasses, it show the ERA we grew up in!!!

                                I don't know if Ya'll went through it, but glasses show time frame... Remember the Eighties? (the glasses was almost as big as our faces) I have a pair from the eighties in my desk drawer (I had to keep them) Purple frame about 3 inch by 3 inch lens, and don't forget the light purple tint (I look liked a Purple eyed Goldfish!!!)

                                We was Styling!!!