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Pollka Panda - Big walk pics

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  • Pollka Panda - Big walk pics

    DH, the kids and I did a big walk on Sunday . . . Jeepers creapers, what an eye opener. . . DH & I both realised just how horribly unfit we've become!!! But it did motivate us to make time for more long walks & hikes over the weekends . . . Enjoy the pics. . . I scrapped them with Michelle McCoy's Polka Panda kit . . . So pop over to check it out

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    I love this action packed collage layout Daydreamer. Looks like you all had a fun day. Great job!


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      LOL Thanks Donna We sure did . . . The weatherman threatened rain, but it turned out to be cool during the early morning and bright and sunny a little later. The walk is all along the beach so the view the entire time was breathtaking . . . Unfortunately my foot was troubling me so much of it was lost on silly ole me I didn't even feel like taking pics!! Now that says a lot.