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    Hi guys, I thnk it's time to show off and brag about our most popular pages, just for fun have a look at what your most viewed layout is, post it in here and tell us why you think it was so popular (viwed most amount of times by others)

    I will start!

    Jessicas refelctions
    Date: February 4, 2012 Views: 192

    comments: Simply Beautiful! left by Letha

    I do love this LO actually, simply because of the way Jess's face is on the side and with her eyes closed like that, she looks as though she is refecting on the journey that lay ahead of her, this was the morning of her wedding day. And of course the LO is enhanced by Moonbeams Victorian buttons and lace kit.

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    Great idea Kaye but it was hard to pick one. I found that most of the comments on my pages were done here in the forum. This page of my great Aunt had the most views...109


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      Thats a beautiful page Letha.

      Yes I meant the most amount of views in your gallery, not so much the most amount of comments. For instsnce you are the only one that commented about the LO I put up and yet it has had most views. Whereas I have had up to maybe 4 comments on other pages that haven't been viewed as much.

      I think that is one of Moonbeams kits too isn't it?


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        Yes, it is Moonbeam's ROSANNA kit


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          Cool Idea Kaye! I never go to my gallery of albums to even look at how many views the pages get so it was interesting to do so.
          After 6 years there are too many to go thru the whole lot.. I'd be here all day but I came across this one which had 153 views

          Kit name : BEST FRIENDS
          Designer : Deanne Gow-Smith AKA Moonbeam

          This is my youngest Grandson Izak with my little Dog Aisha. Taken when the family came to stay for a week from the city... He was scraed of dogs and freaked out at her at first but they truly were best friends by the time they left. Aisha never forced herslef on him but just stayed alongside him until he was ready to be friends and pat her LOL


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            and this one with a friends wedding.. had 293 views


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              I haven't been here long and did not get as many hits as you girls did. I have had average views of most my pages But have 2 Standing out.

              My Birthday card I made for Elize had the most. 88

              and then in second place my page I made by just putting a pic of Amy and one of tinker-bell onto an already Background I found online with 80.


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                The second one is so cute!!!
                KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                  Great idea Kaye! Love the layouts.


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                    Great Grandma
                    Kit and template by Crafty Scraps
                    Date: May 22, 2011
                    Views: 160
                    Comments by Carena: Lovely page Diane

                    Everyone enjoys looking at family heritage photos.


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                      Thanks everyone for joining in and some great LO's

                      To find out our most viewed
                      Go to your photos
                      Go to bottom pf page
                      Then go to sort by views

                      That will give you your most looked at,


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                        wow great tip. now that I look at it that way my most viewed layout is my very first post to Scrapbook Max. It has 472 views


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                          With the tip I got a new most viewed page. Also my first one.


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                            My most viewed layout. I was kind of surprised by this one. It had 2105 views!