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Gallery stand outs - june 2014 - post here

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  • Gallery stand outs - june 2014 - post here

    I love this layout by Letha!

    This one by Fonzzy!

    This one by Lindaathome!

    This one by Kapicolors! I love the paper shapes in this layout!

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    This one by Liwayway! I love the blocked photos and layered papers.

    This one by Sassy! I love how the photo and embies flow together.

    This one by Marion! I love the beautiful photos and flower embies.

    This one by Kimmyann! I love the photos and circles and how everything flows together.


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      WOW! Thank you Diane! I promise one of these days when I am not extremely busy I will take a peek in the gallery!


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        Great choices!
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            These are great Diane, that reminds me I was going to do a poll on last months gallery to she if I can do this on my tablet!


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              Thanks Diane!!
              All Great Pages!!


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                I love this one by Diane, stunning, I'm sorry I can't figure how to put the picture in here with my tablet, so just have to give you the link sorry.

                And this one by Sassy



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                  Thank you Kaye! Congratulations to everyone!!! I am sorry about the comments being deleted in the first post. I love each and every one of the layouts! I found out you can only post 4 layouts in a thread and you cannot go over 30 minutes on editing a thread or it will not save the information.


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                    I love this one by Kaye! I like the rectangular frames and the grungy background splatter. I also love the beautiful colors of the Cloudy Rose Collection by Saviscrap and Moonbeam.

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                      I love this one by Kimmyann! The clustering with the word art is beautiful. I also love the grunge splatter in the background.

                      I love this one by Letha. This is another happy place for me as well.

                      I love this one by Kapi! I know how hard it is sometimes to put multiple photos on a layout and get them to look the way you would like. She has done a beautiful job clustering the photos with the embellishments.

                      I love all the bright, happy colors in this layout by Linda! I like how she clustered around the photo!


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                        Thanks Diane!! Great Pages Everyone!!
                        I absolutely Love this by Donna!! The pink pops, the squares and swirls are a perfect backdrop on the black background!!

                        This page by Val is Beautifully put together to show off one of God's Greatest gifts.

                        Great Pages Ladies!!
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                          Thank you so much Diane!
                          Great page layouts ladies!!!!
                          KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                            You are welcome Sandrine! Looking forward to seeing more layouts from our members! Everyone is welcome to post their favorite layouts here.


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                              I love scenes and vintage look and this one by Pelle has it all.

                              and this one by Kimmyann it brings back good memories.
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