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Favorite Pair of Shoes (Pets Layout)

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    Love this idea of posting special layout links here. But I really think we should stop "fussing" so much about others uploads and start promoting the "PRIVATE ALBUM" feature so we don't offend people. If we have lots to upload..then post the private link here and then no one gets their feelings hurt. As more folks come on the problem is only going to continue. Other sites I've been on with my "cuz"..eeek..blink and they are gone..but they have "favorite" buttons so you can put the pics you do get to see and like and put image in your special links to it..So lets think on the BIG scale of things and think solutions like this wonderful one and use it to the best of our ability. I want to keep Marion's picture up front with link to the Groove for her to STAY in spotlight for the entire month. Not just on page 2 in the Groove newletter..If she is going to be spotlighted let's make a SPOTlight for her!! That's my gripe for the day!! SPOTLIGHT someone..LET"S REALLY SPOTLIGHT THEM!!
    Knus..I absolutely LOVE your gorgeous layout!! VEry TALENTED you!! And you are new?? Can't wait to see what you are like when you're an oldie goldie here on SBM!!