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  • d27 My PRIVATE Mom Album

    Love using the PRIVATE album feature to upload albums for my family and friends to view. Since I consider all of you friends I thought I could give you the private link this way. About all you haven't seen in this album are the last few pages..So this is really nothing exciting to look at. I'm going to be adding pages to this for my husbands side of the family throughout the years for their fun!!
    This way I avoid over load at the Gallery and you can see if you wish to through this link only.

    So many pictures to go back to working on..Need to keep up on the PRESENT. Makes it easier!! Now both sides of the family are taken care of!!

    That link is the FIRST private Stump Family Album upload of 108 pages that went wacko in the gallery and caused alot of grief..OOOPSS..learned much that day!!

    Used lots of Moonbeam's templates and you will recognize some of your own!! Granny's Cherished Child was one I LOVED in this one!!

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    Great Work

    I looked at your albums. You are a very busy Lady... How do you find the time? I am trying to do few different albums myself.. It is slow work as I can't find as much time as I need.. LOL .. I know there is never enough time.... I am trying to get enough PICS together of one of my sisters to make a album for my nephew.. His mom died when he was 3 & is almost 13 & is being raised by my mother... Your albums gave me more incentive, it will be a great keepsake for him.... Terry
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      wow you are so talented. I have the props (smb) but not the creativity. They are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these. I really enjoyed looking at them


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        You will LOVE it here!! The large album had only about 15 templates of mine and the rest were purchases from MOONBEAM, Granny, and NANAC had alot of them!! I take NO credit for their master pieces!! I didn't even try to change any of them..I loved their work..So I cheated!! Moonbeam had designer logo with some of hers that I left in there.

        My boys LOVE albums of much so that ERIC used to sleep with his under his pillow..So this is much easier time of it now with the digital printouts. Been working on these slowly for many months..1 year for Stump family. Be patient. Pick up all you can here in premade templates..I've made a 42 page softball one for my daughter. The families loved it!! Burned them on cds and gave away. Lots of memories there!! Don't think I even made one album page for it..

        In case you are interested. THe better I get the less difficult and more rewarding..Still have very long way to go!!

        Thanks for the interest!! ENJOY!! You can do it..WE have tons in archive you can hunt through for many you see in these!!