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  • oops

    hahaha, maybe not the right "forum"..but why did the link come up as a "whole pic"?..oooopppssssss.

    Forever in my heart - Jazzy

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    When you try and put a link in here, the easiest way is to just copy the address bar above while you are in the gallery and then come back and paste it in here with your message. At least that is how I do it. Maybe there is a better way who knows



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      Hi kimbob (lovely layout in your first thread, by the way... )

      Looks like you followed the instructions for posting in this forum just right! When you follow instruction #4 and #5 in the list:

      Find your layout in the gallery, and click on it. Below your image, you'll see a box labeled UBBCode. Right click on the text and choose "Copy" (or simply write down the image code).
      Now, all that's left is for you to post a new thread in this forum and show off your layout. Right click in the message box and choose Paste (or type in the image code that you wrote down). Then describes your layout and why it is special. Tell us what kits you used and where you got the inspiration.
      ...a full sized image will be added to your post. We encourage folks to do this in this forum as it is a fun way to view each other's work.

      HOWEVER, if you'd rather just post a link to your image in the gallery, that works too! In that case, go to your image in the gallery, copy the address that appears in your web browser, and then paste it in a new thread in this forum (and omit the step about copying the text in the UBBCode box). For instance, this is what eye has done in a thread she recently posted.

      Happy Scrapping!


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        Thanks "guys".. I got it.. Just got a fright when I saw the whole layout "pop up" when everyone else just had links... hahahahaha,

        Forever in my heart - Jazzy