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    Some pictures of me when I was 1-20 months old.. thanks Granny for the wonderful afgan..when I saw it I knew what I wanted to do...

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    Hey Jazz,
    Just left a comment in the Gallery... but Brilliantly done!!!
    You where tooooo cute as a "babe"..( check comment ;-) )

    Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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      HEY you were lucky to have so many baby photos. I don't have ONE photo of me as a baby (first one was when I was three). My parents didn't have a camera. What a treasure of a LO in more ways than one!!!!


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        Jazz, simply adorable.
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          You did Granny Pround

          That is a great idea Jazz! I know granny will enjoy seeing what you did with this!
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            Oh, Jazz, I love it. You did a terrific job. So glad you could use the afgan. And you were as adorable as a child as you are as a grown up.

            Lova ya, kid.

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              Thanks everyone..but really all the credit goes to Granny for the wonderful afgan..I just put the "cubby" pictures in..LOL..I was the 1st child and the 1st mother would wake me up to feed me..and I would go right back to sleep...I just slept and got fat..when I was 2 weeks old my granny kept me for the 1st time and fed me pear perserves because I
              "liked" them..needless to say my dad was upset with his mother when he had to walk the floor with a crying baby that night...of course it didnt help that there was no premade formula when I was was evaporated milk,white karo syrup and water. Believe it or not my birth weight was right at 8 lbs..another believe it or little short skinny mother weighed almost 16 lbs when she was born!!!! I am living proof that if you over feed your babies they will have a weight problem all their all of you young moms take heed to that and don't let your babies get too fat..
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                Gorgeous !!!!!!

                OHH!!! JAZZZZZZ, that wonderful moment in its life, congratulations the person whom it photographed to it therefore the people are rare that they possess photos thus, I love this, the layout of the Granny he was perfect, I loved. Congatulations