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  • My Fur babies

    Take a look at my fur babies......I posted three layouts of my babies in the gallery. Go take a look and tell me what you think!!!!
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    Thank you card for all of you!!!


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      Thank you card for all of you

      Ok take a look at this thread and you'll see what i was able to come up with to thank all of you for eveything.......


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        Shelbz-the fur babies are sooo cute. My DD loves cats too. Nice LO's!

        My Buddies are Marion, Kimbob, Jazziel (RIP), Wolvsie35, Crops2dawn, Makeyesup, Kazr, Moonfairy, Moonlightpearl, and scrappyaggie48


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          Shelby, your kitties are so cute! I love the dark calico one - such a cute face. I'm glad they are making you feel better. Animals are amazing that way - that's one thing they know how to do! My cat pumpkin knows that I like him to swish my bare arm with his tail, so he always lays on me just right so that his tail is in the right spot. Cats are a lot smarter than many people give them credit for!

          Take care and feel better soon! Your card was beautiful - this place is definitely like an extended family!

          P.S. - if you want to see Pumpkin, click here:


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            He is adorable....The calico is the only female and she is QUEEN! She never hesitates to let the boys know it either. The white one is a HUgh Heffner kitty (a breed he brought back with him supposedly) and the grey one is 1/4 bobcat..He is a BIG BABY and wouldnt hurt a flea...well unless your a dog on his property..then the claws come out. All in all they keep me sane and company while DH is away. Now they keep me warm and content. I'd be lost without them......


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              Hey Shelbz see you still "midnight" scrapping.. LOL, these are AWESOME.. hope they kept you warm last night with all the snow you were having..BBBRRRR.

              PS, the card is beautiful...thank you

              Forever in my heart - Jazzy