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  • Template: Sleeping Beauty

    I scraplifted this from a pic I saw in a gallery somewhere out there on the 'net and I can not find it again to give credit! If you know who did this, let me know! I loved it so much, I made a template to share!

    I used all SBM elements so it's free for the taking - Oh, plus the word are I created for you all )

    And It's small enought that I don;t have to zip it and make you all work for it )

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    So Sweet!! Thank You for Sharing!!


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      Adorable Julie!!!



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        Lovely! Thanks 4 sharing.


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          Great job. I love the photos you have put at the bottom! Beautiful. Nice colourful layout.


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            This is really beautiful - I love your layouts - they all so classy! I love to take pictures of my kids sleeping, too. They look like angels, don't they???


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              Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. I love the way you zoomed in on her facial features for the pictures at the bottom!



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                love it

                I love this page. I especially love the paisley paper embellishment. Is there anyway you could send this to me? I would greatly appreciate it. Or just let me know where you got it. Thanks.


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                  It's a scrapbook max paper. I think it's in the "sassy" folder.

                  I guess this was small enough to upload because I clicked the hide all pictures thingie.

                  When I am working on a scrapbook, I bring EVERYTHING in as a picture because that was I can always change the properties.

                  (i.e., I never use the "embellishment" or "paper scrap" buttons because if you do, you can;t change the colors, etc.

                  I'll re-up this one and give y'all a link to the zip.

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                    Customer service is our #1 priority. Get a premium domain for your website today. Financing available.

                    to get this file to work:

                    Right click on the link above, choose "save target as" ... add .smt to the file name. (the file will read "shoes.smt")then when it is done downloading click ok or open and it will install itself. You have to change the file name when you save it!

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                      Thank you for this template so beautiful. I just have a problem. When I choose the template I have always the following message : "The following fonts are used in this project but could not be found on your computer : You are what you eat. Although you can still work on this project , some text may not appear exactly as designed."
                      And you template come without the buttons on the left and whitout the fonts. Do you have a solution for this ?

                      This is the first time I use the software, so excuse me if the question is .. stupid.

                      Thanks In Advance.


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                        I will try to help

                        What that means is that the person who created that templete used a font that is not on your computer. The message is telling you that you can still use the templete but the font will be different than what the creator used. I have heard that some of the people on here have a file of 2000+ different fonts, so there will be a good chance that people who only have a few fonts will get that message. There are some wonderful sites that have free fonts to download, so you can start expanding your fonts. I wish I could give you some links but I still haven't figured out how. If you check old threads on here, you will find a lot of resouces from other users.

                        I hope this helps! nie
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