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Template: Serenity (Screen Resolution)

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  • Template: Serenity (Screen Resolution)

    Trying for a different look!
    Have one more coming!
    Constructive criticism welcome!
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    This one is very pretty, ladybuggy. The landscape reminds me of a lookout point at a park that I've visited.

    I don't tend to use photos for my backgrounds, not because I don't like the look, but honestly, it never occured to me to do so! I'll be trying it out, so thanks for the inspiration.

    When it comes to choosing photos (to put into the frames) for this kind of background, do you find that you need to pick ones that contrast a lot with the background so they don't blend in? Or do the frames that you've put in give enough separation between photos/background?

    I'm going to try out a few of my own photos with your background, but I'm just wondering if you had anything particular in mind when you designed this one and if you could make a suggestion as to what you think looks best!

    Thanks again!

    P.S. I like how the flower embellishements "pop" out of the background, but in a natural way that goes with your "Serenity" theme (they don't "pop" like a blown up paper bag - not exactly a serene experience...)


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      Thank you for sharing.



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        Thank you
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