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    Hello All,

    I made a template of sorts. Don't be too critical but I made it in PSE 7 it's a Blue Sky with falling leaves. See what you think. It is the first attempt ever in PSE7 I downloaded a copy to see if I could do anything in it and how complicated it is.

    Comments welcome! If someone could figure out what to do with it I'd be pleased as punch. There's a challenge for you what to do with my crazy creations...I am sure this is the first of many! hahahaha

    Here's what it looks

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    Dina AKA MemphisFran

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    It's wonderful! Keep creating, you are doing a great job!


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      Well, that was a video on Youtube for the clouds and grasslands...they are brushes. I added the leaves, also brushes. So I guess I learned something. I thought I could watch a bunch of videos and then go and do it..hahahaha It's a little more complicated than it looks. Do you use it? How how did you learn it if you do?

      Thanks for the encouragement!
      Dina AKA MemphisFran


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        Hey, you ROCKIN this town girl!! Love Youtube!! Great place to put our tutorials!! You are a FAST learner!! Keep em comin!!


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          There is nothing to be critical about, love it
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            Me thinks you are all tooooo kind!
            Dina AKA MemphisFran


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              Hey,we all know what we are talkin' about...<wink>
              and I would have to agree...This is pretty cool for your first attempt....WOW...
              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                I love it...and already have a pic in mind!


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                  Hey Marsha, I have PSE7 and there are lots of great free patterns and brushes and textures on the web that you can easily load into it and use to make loads of things. Have fun, this is a terrific first go.

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                    Well your doing way better than me...those programs scare me to death! LOL VERY intimidating...but yes this a very nice piece! Thanks for the share....makes me wanna try again! lol

                    Sylvia...that wasnt me deary but thanks for the encouragement! lol

                    My scrappin pals are Sylvia Esther, Kimmyann & ValerieElaine...with more to come!!!

                    Me thinks I need additional income, Ive just discovered the SBM Store!!!


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                      Thank you, I love the catchy name, fall, season and verb. I have a cute picture of my boys raking and throwing leaves that will look good with this. Good job.
                      Cindy 4352


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                        The clouds were a free brush I found online. I think the leaves were too. Go to YOUTUBE scrappinguy had a video where he made the clouds with the grass at the bottom and I just added the fall leaves playing around for my first creation. There are so many free tutorials out there. Go to twopeasinabucket....they have great free video tutorials the lady that does them is FANTASTIC and easy to follow.

                        Scrapbook MAX is way easier to use and does Wonderful los so if you never do anything but SBM it will keep you busy for a long, long, time especially with the great CT making all those new KITS! I want to know how to do that...who is going to teach me???

                        Wolvsie and all...thanks for the encouragement!
                        Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                          Thanks Cindy!
                          Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                            Love to see it if you do it!
                            Dina AKA MemphisFran