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  • Template: Sketch #1

    I was trying to figure out how to do sketches using Scrapbook Max where you add your own background, photos , embellishments etc. And this is what I came up with...All items on this sketch have been pinned so you will have to unpin if you want to move them....when I upload a sketch it will probably contains an embellishment or two that comes with Scrapbook Max (minor ones for design sake) or I will include a custom made here's the first one, please give me feedback if you think this is a good idea to help you make layouts quicker (where the layout has already been done for you )..thanks!
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    Have a great day!!! ..........Wendy
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    This is great!

    I just downloaded the sketch and tried it - it's great! You can add backgrounds, etc. but the layout is essentially done. Thank you so much! Each day I'm mindboggled by the creative and artistic people here!

    Another sketch for the 2nd page of the two-page layout would be frosting on the cake!


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      This is Awesome! Thanks.


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        Awesome! Thanks so much.....
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          Hubba! Hubba! (That's guy talk for cool!)

          Excellent idea. Thanks for sharing.
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            thanks everyone....I wasn't sure if there was even a need to do "sketches" but I think they will help new users get more comfortable with the program?? And I will cetainly work on sketch 2...LOL
            Have a great day!!! ..........Wendy
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              Nice job, Wendy!

              Here's another alternative for anyone that may be interested... Try using one of these images as a background to relatively position your objects, such as text and photos... Choose a layout size, then right-click the image and save it to you hard drive, then load it as a background of the same dimensions.

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                Thanks Wendy,any help with layouts is much appreciated


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                  Wow, can't wait to play with your sketches, WTG !!!! in all my excitement I almost forgot to say THANK-YOU !!!!!!!!


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                    This is a GREAT idea - and you're right....I think it will be so helpful for new users - especially new digiscrappers who are trying to figure EVERYTHING out at the same time! Thank you!


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                      Thanks for these, they will come in real handy Wendy!



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                        Hey, WendyG, do I think this is a great idea... Well, actually.... You beat me to the punch!!! I think it a tremendous idea. Glad you started doing it. You don't mind if I one one or two here and there, do you?

                        Thank you so much for sharing.


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                          Love the blank templates

                          I'm going to add one more voice saying how much I love this idea!!! I still can't believe the creativity and the generousity of this group. Please keep in mind your work is very very appreciated.


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                            Got A Question regarding these templetes!

                            I just used one of the templetes "Sketch" but I ran into a problem when I went to resize it. I was able to make #1 work but was unable to move things around or change them, #2 didn't work at all. All of the blocks were locked and I could not rearrange my Journal, ribbon, or pic boxes. Is there a way to unlock it so I can rearrange the items to fit better with the size? I will say it's a nice templete and would be better if I could make changes.

                            Thanks for the hard work!

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                              thanks wendy now I have them both.

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