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Template: Apples and Kit by MA3

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  • Template: Apples and Kit by MA3

    A Pict of GD Mackenzie inspired this Kit, hope you will have a use for it...

    SMT-Template ( completed LO, just add pict, Words)
    SMB- Painted Apple Alpha AtoZ
    for those who want to make their own style I have included the Elements/Papers/Alpha
    Zip 01- 5 Papers
    Zip 02- Elements

    terms of use inside the zips
    Attached Files

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    Love this! Can't wait to use this.Thanks for sharing it with us.


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      Hi - this is fantastic - Totally love your LO and templates. YOu dont mind if we make use of it and pay thanks to you. Sadly i dont have any other fancy software to make all sorts of creative things so I have to purchase things which with the exchange rate can be very expensive. If you have any brown colour paper that has the torn effect I will be very grateful if you would share. Pls have a look at the one I just posted and let me know what you think. Special Regards


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        Beautiful Work!!! I love the picture, such blue eyes! Thanks for sharing!


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          I love this LO, you did a wonderful job. Apples remind me of harvest time. We are just now starting all the october fests and StrausenFests around here. I know Autumn is close at hand! Thanks for the great share.

          Everyone is soo generous on this forum, a big thanks to everyone for all the time and effort put toward the LO's and Kits everyone shares. I cant make my own graphics so all this just helps me out.

          Thanks bunches and lots-o-hugs,



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            Help - sorry to worry you but I really need help. I've tried to download a template to share and it keeps saying invalid file but it definitely has the sbm behind - what do you think I am doing wrong. Printed out the instructions from the FAQ section and was following it step by step.


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              I think the templates have the .smt format and embellishment packages have the .smb I could be wrong but when I upload a LO or template, it always had the .smt format at the end.


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                Thanks once again for a lovely template! You do most excellent work and it is very much appreciated.
                If I slip and fall please get a hold of crops2dawn or OnieRN to pick me back up!


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                  Thank U!

                  Thank you again for this wonderful template! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!


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                    Girl, this is sooooooooo cooooooollllllllllll!

                    Please, won't you teach me how to do this stuff? What a talent for putting it all together!!! Wow.

                    Thank you so much for sharing!


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                      Wonderful,wonderful. I just look forward to all your work. Let me tell you are some talented lady and you should be very proud of what you do. Thank you so much.
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                        Nice templates!
                        Thanks for sharing with us!


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                          this is just wonderful.. Just love coming and seeing all the great work you all donate for this ...... TFS!!!
                          If I knew garandchildren would be this much fun, I would have had them first!


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                            These are outstanding and so well put together.
                            Thank you for sharing with us.
                            Great job!

                            Bobby Bear
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                              so great! thank you!

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