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Template: Teacher Gift (Valentine Container)

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  • Template: Teacher Gift (Valentine Container)

    Hi, again! I had time to upload one more template before I head out the door. This template is to be used on a Crystal Light container. I hope you know what type container I am talking about because it's hard for me to put in words! LOL!! It's slightly opaque and is about 6" tall and comes with maybe 6 individual servings of the juice powder in it. I LOVE these containers for all types of things! The good thing about this cont. is that although it looks big you don't need a lot of kisses to fill it. Also, like the can, I just use double stick tape to secure the ends and it works great. Have fun! I'd love to see some variations others may come up with. My mom is getting one with her granddaughter's pic sending her a big kiss!
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    Donna Roe

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    Stitches, these are great, thats a very good idea you have, I like it. Creative. Thanks for sharing.
    happy scrappin

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      Oh Yes! Great idea for a teacher gift. I really like it. Thanks


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        Thanks again stitches, I use these cans all the time too. Now they'll be even nicer, thanks to your creativity.....God bless you. Joanne


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          Oh.......... stitches.. I love the pinks...... thanks you gal.

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            Lovely, very cute thank you Stitches.


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              Thank you stitches
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