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  • Template: New Testament Scripture GAME

    ...Had another idea for using my SBM. PLAYING GAMES!! One of my goals this year is to memorize some scriptures. Our church has a MASTERY list they encourage us to learn of 25 from New Testament. I used the King JAMES version of the Bible to do these. SIMPLY..Each scripture is dedicated 1 page in this 30 page album. I left blanks for some key words and created each BLANK space word separate from the base of the scripture so we can play FILL IN the blanks with the words that I place at the bottom of the page. Every 5 pages I list the full scripture for checking my work.
    I'm introducing the CONCEPT of endless games we can come up with using our SBM. How fun to create matching words to pictures with bright backgrounds and fun pictures, color matching, crossword puzzles, mix letters of the alphabet and have your preschooler, kindergarten student arrange all the letters on the page in alphabetical order..How about our teens learning their periodic tables, special math concepts, make a GAME page for them to help them LEARN or MEMORIZE important dates, facts, etc.
    Here are 30 very SIMPLE white backgrounds with letters already done. All you have to do if this interests you is fill background with fun papers and embellishments to add more excitement to the page. The last page has bookmarks for you to cut out and use in your scriptures. This whole bundle only took up 1 MB. It would grow considerably if I dressed them all for you. LDS folks can appreciate this game especially. ANd we "love" scrapbooking!!!
    If any of you would like some fun games created for you to use in your templates for "WHATEVER" theme or need you have..I'd love to help. I became a MASTER File Folder Game maker for the Autistic classrooms!! "Give a task to a lazy man and he will find an easier way to get the job done" was always my motto. I can make them self checking or separate the answers for you. THe sky is the limit for this CONCEPT of using our scrapbooking for LEARNING FUN!! Something to think about!!!
    REMEMBER..this is a 30 page album of 25 scripture verses of FILLIN the blanks.. So it will take a lot of space in your add a page templates. It will stay confined in your ALBUM section.
    So much fun we can have with this idea alone!!
    Enclosed the BOOKMARK shape for you to have fun with! I made BOOKMARKS with our family pictures and laminated them for extended family presents 2 years ago. THey loved them!!
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    Wonder you certainly are just that. You are so creative! I love the Bible verse memory game. I too want to memorize more verses this year. This is absolutely wonderful. Thanks


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      Neat idea!



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        Wonderful idea. My Mum will adore this x
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          This is awesome, I can use these with our youth.
          Thanks so much

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