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Template: Mask Layouts Set 3

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    these are really so great!

    you have put a lot of work into these - Great job!

    Please visit my SBM store!


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      Originally posted by spanielmom View Post
      Wonder---I love these---as you well know. I have used a bunch of the original ones you created. As you know, sometimes you can turn them and get a whole new layout with the same mask. I can't wait to try the new ones. I feel like it's Christmas all over again.
      That was WILD how you could see to do the turning of the template!!! I WAS BLOWN AWAY..You have the "EYE" of the ARTIST in you!!! In no time, you will be doing the same and BETTER!! THANKS SO MUCH for your CONSTANT kind words and tremendous SUPPORT!! HUGGGGSSSSSS!!!

      Julie, Lisa, Winnie..everyone..thanks so much!!! I'm on the PROWL through the gallery for more back dated stuff!!! THe HUNT keeps me the busiest!!! LOVE IT!!!


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        I can say only GREAT WORK !!!


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          these are great thank u


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            Thank you so much for these templets wonder, they are fabulous!!!
            Love and Light to you and yours



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              congratulations Autistic and fiona, great job, terrific !!
              success to all


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                I was wondering if these templates are downloadable. If so I need a little direction on how to get them. They look really neat. Thank you and leaving you some love. Hugs, Ajila


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                  Originally posted by Ajila View Post
                  I was wondering if these templates are downloadable. If so I need a little direction on how to get them. They look really neat. Thank you and leaving you some love. Hugs, Ajila
                  If you have the scrapbook max program you can easily download this set by going back to the front of this thread and look for link on bottom of the post that has .smt extention. Simply click on that link and it will drop right down into your template section of max for you to use under New Scrapbooks or in the add a page section of your templates.

                  Any .smb ( embellishments) or .smt files are real easy to download. The picture are in jpg form and can be downloaded to use in psd or psp by clicking on each color section and filling in the colors as desired!!To download the pictures..
                  To download these new ideas:

                  1) CLICK on Image to ENLARGE it

                  2) RIGHT CLICK and choose SAVE TARGET AS option
                  or SAVE PICTURE AS if not available

                  3) Select your destination folder for this item

                  4) Pat yourself on the back!! GREAT JOB!

                  Hope that helps!! and thanks for your interest!! Good hunting!!


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                    Thank you for your help. Yes, I do use Scrapbook Max for nearly a year now. I've just recently started getting into the masked templates (I think that's what they are called) Anyway, the specific ones I was referring too were in the second post down from the start of this thread. I don't see a download link for them. I believe they are ones that you made. It looks like a couple of them would make torn paper effect. I'm also interested in finding a template to make doodle swirls*lol* don't know what else to call them.

                    One more thing, when I use these templates and make something to upload, do I just give credit to Scrapbook Max. I'm not sure on these who made what.

                    Thank you in advance for all your help. Leaving you some love, Ajila


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                      Hey..think it's time to bring something up besides the award trophy template..Remember this!!???


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                        Please excuse the newbie. These are really cool. I got as far as bringing up a mask as a template and adding my picture. I thought you meant that I could add color to those pieces....but that doesn't work. So I reread what you said and is this just a guideline and you use your own "stuff" to mirror what you have done here? I am just trying to understand because I am new! Thanks so much for the help. I tried to change colors of things before and it didn't work out too well...I am still new...I need a changing color lessong. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you don't mind my questions!
                        Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                          Can't find my post where I asked you how....

                          By jove, I think I'm getting it! Let me know what you think!

                          Is this what I was supposed to do ?

                          It's all scrapbook max, I think except a freebie I got in the sharing area...FST Rose and Pearl, I think Angelwithin??? Please correct me if I am wrong. I use the papers on the lines and a couple little flowers. What do you think of the weave paper striped paper those are the ones I am not sure about. I'd appreciate feedback! Now this was really fun! Thanks for the posts that showed how Wonder and the Masks!
                          Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                            Try #2

                            I hope it's ok to post here. I am so excited I had to this one is beautiful if I do say so myself...I am really happy with the turn out of it....FST rose and pearls paper (AngelWithin) Wonder's mask and Maggie Mae's inspiration....did I get everyone?

                            Please comment.

                            Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                              in response to maske you posted

                              I thought it was here but I can't find it now. I made this from a mask/template you made. Thought I'd show you!

                              Dina AKA MemphisFran


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                                Originally posted by memphisfran View Post
                                I thought it was here but I can't find it now. I made this from a mask/template you made. Thought I'd show you!

                                Fiona..Angelwithin..and I ..autisticwonder ..started max within hours of each..LOL.. AW's get confusing..

                                Think you have one of Fiona's (Angelwithin) masked the last one..but have no fear..neither of us minds the credit mistakes..We know what you are doing and appreciate your efforts!! LOL

                                Seems to me you are totally understanding the masked template concept. These are all composed of SHAPES..Rarely are any embellishments added. But when embies are added..many can be recolored to match your layouts!! EFFECT:ADVANCE: Hue,saturation and color changes!! Tricky at first to learn to colorize..but once you get it..It's like riding a bicycle!!

                                HUGS sweetie!!