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    Are there still problems uploading templates to these forums?

    If so:

    1. How large is the template (please be exact as possible -- you can find this out by right-clicking on the template file, and choosing 'Properties' -- the number i'm after is the one listed next to 'Size', in 'Bytes').

    2. What happens when you try to upload the template? (ie. you get a page-can't-be-displayed error *immediately*, you get the same error after a while, the forum tells you the template is too big, etc.).



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      Originally posted by srussell
      I'm just curious ... What program do you use to edit your images?
      All I have is "paint"??? I just right click on the image and from the menu chose "open with" and select "Paint'????I don't know what else to use!( I have Microsoft Works if that is relevant?)

      ...and Desmond I haven't had time to try to upload again but as soon as I do I will respond to your question - thanks RG


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        Ah, I see... When you open the PNG in "Paint", that's when you get the black edges... Looks like Paint doesn't support the transparency and replaces it with black.

        At this point , you won't be able to merge your images together and maintain the transparency...

        Well, I'll search around around and see if whe can find you a better free Image Editor program you can download... maybe Corey has something he can suggest...
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