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  • Template: Surgery Day

    My precious girl had to have her tonsils removed and so I finally finished a page telling her story. Also attached a template and hope you all enjoy! The bandaid alphabet is available on this cool website which has been tossed around these posts before. Happy Scrapping!

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    Nice layout - thanks for sharing.

    Bet she's happy now that they are gone and less sore throats.

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      Oh that was no fun. I think most of us have probably been through that, I know I did when I was about 5 or 6. Hopefully she is fine now.


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        Bless her...hope she will have improved health now.
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          I just love this community. Everyone is so kind with not only your words, but your actions too (sharing, etc...). She was getting strep about once a month. She recovery great and has been healthy ever since (Praise God)!

          Thanks again and hope you all enjoy it!


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            I love this page. It is perfect as my daughter also had her tonsils and adenoids out recently. Thank you so much for sharing.


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              I remember this so well - both my daughter and son had it done! They had such sore throats after the surgery! But ice cream helped!


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                love the paper tear - how'd you make that?

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                  BLESS her little bucket heart!!! What a time of it she must of had!! Hope she remembers the ice cream and not so much the discomfort of it all!! WONDERFUL templates!! THANKS so much for sharing it!!!


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                    Oh, poor thing. I still remember the ordeal I went through when they took mine out. I really feel for her. Great job on the layout!


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                      Poor thing.
                      Thankyou for a wonderful LO
                      I still have my tonsils and im 20, never even had tonsillites


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                        Love the layout and yep I remember having my tonsils out. Poor thing looks so fed up. Glad she is doing good now though.
                        Sue xx

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                        Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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                          As for the paper tear, a friend did it for me (I am not that advanced, YET...). I simply took and played around under "Effects>>> Advanced" until I got the two colors I wanted (which took some time) and then flipped them so they did not seem identical. I can try to find out how she did the "tear". Once I have PSE I want to master this as well, as I love this effect and always have (even when I did the paper scrapping)!


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                            I can remember when I went through that. Not a very happy camper. Nice LO. Love the paper tear.

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