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  • Template: My Daughters

    Hi everyone, even though im quite good with computers im not to sure about this sort of thing so I hope it works known my luck it will have something missing or It'll be in the wrong place. Anyway its a template that my daughter made for me and I thought id share it with you .
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    What did i do wrong?

    told you Im useless didnt I, I did attached the template but its gone somewhere lol................Linda


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      Lin uk,

      You brought the thumbnail in which is good. Now you need to "export template". In your SBM work area with the template showing, go to "File" then "Export Template". Then come in to the forum, click the icon for new message, Click on "Advanced". Then scroll down and you will see a button that says "Manage Attachments", click on that. Then:

      1. Click on Browse
      2. Click on "My Documents"
      3. Find Scrapbook Max, click on that
      4. After it opens, Click on "Templates"
      5. Search for your template. There should be two listed. One will
      have "Screenshot" after it. (That would be your thumnail) the
      other one is the template.
      6. Click on the template. After you click on it, it will put it into a box,
      next to the box is your "upload" button Click on that.

      If your file is not too big, it will upload that, then you can go back again and do the same thing to get your thumbnail. (If your file is too big, you will have to try to re-size some of your items until it is small enough to upload. It has to be less that 5.00 MB.

      After they are uploaded, just put your description in the reply box. You can click on the Preview button to see if everything looks right before clicking the submit button.

      Hope this was understandable.


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        Forgot to mention that the template is very nice.


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          Yippeeeeeeeeeee thankyou sacannon i think it worked lol anyway its free if it's there to use Linda
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            WOWOW, LIN..LOVE it and LOVE to hear of your computer skills!!! GORGEOUS for a STARTER!! YOU ROCK!! Thanks so much for getting the SHARING BUG!!


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              Thanks, this is a very nice template.

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                Very nice,thankyou


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                  Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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                    Lin this is wonderful
                    Thankyou for sharing


                    My buddy is nanwu


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                      Thank you , that is a wonderful template
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                        Great stuff.. thanks so much for sharing this.. it's super duper

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