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    My little cutie pie..
    This is the first time I have successfully uploaded a large file ( nearly 5mb) It took ages.. I ahd a couple of card games while I waited... and my computer is new and fairly fast.. but I just waited and waited and finally -pop there it was.. so I'm pleased
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    Hee har. Apt title. Awesome design, and *great* fonts!

    If you're into world music check out a tune called "Aisha" by an artist named Khaled, it's an exceptionally nice tune.
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      Well thaaank you sir! I will try to locate that tune.. One day I will learn how to add music to a slide show Cd... at this stage I'm taking it one step at a time.....


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        Oh, how cute!! (YOUR BABY)
        What an eye for design!! You are sooo good at putting those rich colors together. I really enjoy looking at all the different LO's everyone comes up with. Thanks for sharing them! -Tammy


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          Moonbeam..... Of all the baby pictures in this forum.... That is by far the cutest!!!!!!

          Now, now, parents and grandparents, don't get up in arms. Lets face it, human babies are ok, but a doggie? There is no contest here. (Can you tell I have no kids or grandkids?) I do have two Chiguaguas and a huge Orange Tabby.


          ps: Great layout too.

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            Oh she is so sweet..... Love those puppies... and Thanks for sharing the template, too!
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              So cute, thanks!


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                I don't know how I missed this the first time, Moonbeam. GREAT job. I love it.


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                  Originally posted by Sandy View Post
                  I don't know how I missed this the first time, Moonbeam. GREAT job. I love it.
                  Awww same here! It's gorgeous.
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                    Cute fur-baby and awesome layout! Thanks!


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                      Very nice Moonbeam, Your have a nice cutie pie there.