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    Moonbeam... I'm speechless!!! If you can believe that from me. These are trully magnificent. Now that I see your work, I recognize what they are. My closest friend does this kind of painting, she just never called it that. She had done a lot of this through out her own house. Like you, she does truly beautiful work.

    I'm going to ask her to send me some pictures of her house, so I can share them with you. I think you will enjoy it. I'm so grateful to you for sharing this, and the templates you have made are awesome.

    I'm learning so much from ya all. Thank you, thank you so much.


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      Originally posted by Moonbeam
      another few
      Just beautiful Moonbeam
      Happy scrapping !


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        WOW! I bet that took a long time to paint.
        Now I see why you have caught on so well to scrapping, you have an eye for it.
        You work is absolutely gorgeous. You, no doubt would have no problem finding work.
        Thanks for sharing.
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          LOL, boy Granny for someone who is speechless you sure had a lot to say!!

          But you are right, these are magnificent.


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            Originally posted by Moonbeam
            at last I have finished.. man!!! that was a tedious job! pHEW!!!
            I agree with Charlorne you are a very talented lady. Is there something you're not good at? How many hours or years it took you to do those beautiful murals? Is it oil or acrylic paint? Finally, thanks for sharing with us!


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              Moonbeam your art is absolutely amazing!! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your templates too! I love them too! You're great!


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                it all looks very nice, thank you for sharing this with us !


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                  Yep I just had another look through this in the cold light of day. I'm simply amazed. That would be a dream come true for me to have my home painted like that. This is definitely one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my entire life. You're off the map Moonbeam, this mural is too much.

                  I'm absolutley not exaggerating when I say that I genuinely prefer your art to some pieces I've seen by old masters because it's infinitely more engaging. And clever. This is top notch stuff.
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                    IF you didn't live the other side of the world I'd paint something for you
                    Thank you so much for your kind words ...others I know think I live in a "cartoon house"
                    I have attached some photos so you can see it better in context from a distance.. In my album I just wanted the detail mainly
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                      Man oh man, it's amazing how you completely transformed that room. Really makes me rethink the whole concept of function within a living space.
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                        In one of these you can see where the "stone wall" is painted and how it finishes three quarters of the way up the wall and how it appears that you can see outside over it ..and the birds sitting on the wall.
                        The corners of the room which recede ( obviously as corners do) are opainted to trick the eye into seeing the supporting pillar "coming out" and the creeper made to appear that it goes behind the ledge ( Cornice)
                        One day I will probably paint it out and go back to having "normal" walls and ceiling ..when I get sick of it.. which is why I have phographed it , so I will always have a memory of it.
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                          Dang that's cool. Now for the inevitable hounding:

                          1. What type of paint is that?
                          2. How did you prepare the surface(s)?
                          3. Is it fixed (coated) with anything?
                          4. How long did it take you?
                          5. Did you plan it out in advance and do prep sketches, etc?
                          6. How is the paint/color holding up against the elements?
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                            Awesome Moonbeam! Good thing you don't live closer, or we would be hiring you to do our homes and there would be no more time to scrap!



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                              I was impressed before. but now I'm completely blown away... I love the "shed door" with the cow's head peeking out...

                              Now here's the 64,000 dollar question, Moonbeam? what do you do for a living?

                              I have an artist friend of mine that does lots of murals and such...his kid's bedroom is "sea-animal scape"... Dolphins, sea lions, turtles, etc... I'll see if I can find the photo he sent me...
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                                Wow Moonbeam this is fabulous!!! I agree with Marion, we would so be hiring you for our homes!!!