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Template: Free 5 page template #2

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  • Template: Free 5 page template #2

    The competition is to answer these questions..
    The Prize is a free download for the FLOURISHING Template
    (pictured below)
    PLease post a comment here so we can see who the winners are BUT DO NOT put your answers here - Please PM them to me (Or all the cheats will just copy and paste your answers LOL)
    So Here we go again Guys!!!
    Same Rules as the last game -
    you must answer the questions correctly or you do not qualify .. you have to answer 4 Questions.

    I have decided to DOUBLE the amount of free downloads .. the last time the ten went in 24 hrs.
    So this time there are 20 free downloads as prizes 1 each to the first 20 people.. anyone can enter even if you won one last time ( you greedy guts LOL) ... it's first in best dressed... you see frequenting the forum pays off doesn't it?

    OK!!! the prize this time is pictured below.. It is a 5 page template called "FLOURISHING" The first 20 correct answers will all win !
    The questions are:
    1. In the template named BORN TO BE WILD - what animal is used as an embellishment?
    2. In the template named FLORAL BEAUTY -What does the Word Art on page 3 say?
    3. In the template named BRIGHT & BUBBLY What colour are the flowers in the border on the left side?
    4. In the Pack named MOONBEAM FASTENERS
    -How many are pictured on each page ?

    Please post a comment here that you have entered so we can see who the winners are BUT DO NOT put your answers here - Please PM them to me (Or all the cheats will just copy and paste your answers LOL)
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    I just sent you a PM....hope I got it! I love your kits!


    • #3
      Thank you- YES I got it.. and you were spot on and very precise with your answers. I have sent you the link by PM
      we have winner no.1

      1: Sheri

      I won't be as quick with my responses as the last 24 hrs because I will be away from the computer.. but I will check in to see whats doing when I get back.. so be patient.. the correct entries WILL get their download.


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        I gave it another try

        I sent you a PM. One of the questions was hard. I hope I got it.

        My buddies are twpclerk & moonlightpearl


        • #5
          You got it Linda!
          we have 2 wiiners
          1: Sheri
          2: LSignal
          check your PM Linda for your new freebie


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            Sent you a PM Deanne!


            • #7
              Congratulations sacannon

              1: Sheri
              2: LSignal
              3: sacannon

              17 freebies left


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                Sent you PM


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                  I bought Flourishing when it first came gals will NOT be disappointed TRUST me! I love it...and I used it to scrap my Nanny's senior pics and they turned out beautiful

                  My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
                  Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.


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                    Have sent my PM.


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                      I have received a few more PM's all with the correct answers - well almost. Then there was *eng* who got the fasteners count a bit up the creek - but then she did say it was 6am there when she did it so we obviously allow for that hey!!! LOL
                      Thanks eng - you're a winner too. ( love that woman)
                      1. Sheri
                      2. LSignal
                      3. sacannon
                      4. Wickel
                      5. Tea
                      6. ghoward
                      7. eng


                      • #12
                        ROTFL....I thought I did! I had 4 windows open and 2 minimised, I was going backwards and forwards and checked that about 4 times and still managed to mess up I think I must have got them in the wrong order, thats what I kept checking! Has anyone got any memory medication please, I think thats the problem as well as being 6am !
                        Thank you Moonbeam
                        My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa


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                          This is amaizing girls! in just few hours are 7 winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          Great idea Deanne!
                          Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!


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                            [QUOTE=*eng*ROTFL....I thought I did! I had 4 windows open............., QUOTE]

                            Ah Ha!! that's it then!! All the windows were open and it was a cold draught blowing in that chilled your brain right! Shut the windows next time LOL
                            Thanks for being such a good sport and letting me have a little fun at your expense. Love Ya!


                            • #15
                              Deanne!! If I didn't already have the template set I'd have some fun with this!! So my fun is in watching the wonderful winners!! THis is too fun!! WAY TO GO GIRL!!