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How can I legally use templates I purchase

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  • How can I legally use templates I purchase

    can i use templates that I purchase for a craft project that I sell?

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    you can use templates you purchase as commercial use, if they are personal use or s4h (scrapbooking for hire) then you cannot use them as craft to sell. You leave yourself open to legal litigation if you do not adhere to this, copyright laws and intellectual ownership can be breached so you need to ensure to adhere to any terms and conditions that the creator of the template or kit has in place, if it does not state it is CU/S4H then it is personal use only. S4H can be used for projects you are contracted by a customer to do, once off. You can do it again, for a different customer that commissions you to do it, once, it is not for open distribution. You will generally find that templates and kits you purchase that are personal use, are exactly that personal use only, and they tend to be cheaper than the CU (commerial Use) kits/templates. CU/S4H have tou's (terms of use included with them are and very specific about how you may use the item/s, each tou varies depending on the item, content of kit and what you must do. CU can be as per terms of tou, to make items for sale for personal use only. So you purchase a CU template/kit, then you can make layouts/templates and kits for sale as long as you sell them for personal use only label. If you wish to make items or templates for designers to use for Commercial Use, then you will need to purchase CU4CU, (commercial use for commercial use), again there will be tou's involved and you must follow those terms or you breach the terms of purchase and leave yourself open to legal litigation.
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