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Masked 8x8 Challenge

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    Beautiful Kimmyann. you are churning out fantastic pages and I love tjem all. Well done you. x

    Love the templates Marion, Thank you.


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        Hot Dog! Cheesepiece! WOnderful display and fun there! MANY thanks for your contribution!!! Keep em comin!


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          Thanks Donna!!! Great Template and Page made from it!! Awesome Jobs every one!!!


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            I can't wait to give this a whirl!
            Thanks ladies for doing this! as soon as I get a minute I will have something posted.
            I do have one do we save as a template though?
            Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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              Save as a Template

              Tin save as a template

              First download the 4 sets of templates shown in the beginning..

              Work with one or all of those templates...rearranging them..

              Any of the templates you DON'T use as rearrangements..DELETE/REMOVE page
              by going to the tag on that page and say REMOVE

              Once you are ready to EXPORT your template you will need to go to

              FILE....EXPORT...TEMPLATES....a box opens up...RENAME the TEMPLATE set with YOUR initials infront of MASKED template CHALLENGE...that will keep it from overwriting others

              UNCHECK the necessary boxes...but you shouldn't have to do any unchecking since these are masked ..and no pictures...

              Then click OK

              To upload them to a comment here...go to advanced at bottom of comment on bar...hit BROWSE....

              Go to your SBM folder in C drive program files....SBM....TEMPLATES or My Documents ...SBM ....TEMPLATES....Look for your template alphabetical order...SCREENSHOT will be NEXT to it...CLICK on it and hit UPLOAD

              Then drag to bottom Box in attachment window if it doesn't automatically put it there...LIMIT for TEMPLATES is 5 grayscale with NO DROP shadow it shouldn't be a problem...Make sure a CHECK is in the little right hand corner box

              Once INSERT in line...then will be in your comment box and hit SAVE in comment area...

              THEN...USE one of your templates with your FAVORITE kit...and go to top of template page TAB ...RIGHT CLICK it....SELECT SAVE AS IMAGE...or Publish and
              and follow screen ...hit the browse in upper right hand corner..NAME your jpg or png and send to place you can remember...HIT OK..

              It will take a moment to upload your picture..then import picture more than 512kb...and we all enjoy!

              Hope I haven't missed anything...


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                What are MASKED templates?

                Some of you may not know that MASKED templates is another word for SHAPES templates...The templates are made using shapes ..rather than embellies..You use shapes to create LACE, borders, frames, flowers, etc. to make the template..and you even can put a blank picture in place of where you desire it in your layout..

                I AM a SHAPES lover and I'm looking to convert you to be one too! LOL..


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                  My Boy.sm2t
                  Here is my template
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                    THank you so much Donna...aka CHEESEPIECE!! Love all the templates we can get for freebies! Yum!


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                      Ok, here's my go at it


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                            Hope these are right fonzzy


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                              It GORGEOUS your template!YEEHAW!! THanks LETHA!! you know how to make the template for us to share..the picture won't help us much except to act as a shape..? I have a post above that shows how to import your template..


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                                These cat templates are tooOOOO cute! LOVE them all! Brilliant work! you know how to import a template? We would LOVE to have your templates!! ???? See above post for importing these BEAUTIES ladies! CREATE to add to our collections..REMEMBER to Put your INITIALS infront so it doesn't overwrite someone elses! Everyone saying Masked template challenge will be overwritten.. THANKS SO MUCH!! Keep em comin!