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  • Masked 8x8 Challenge

    I'm anxious to see you all make donations to this thread using these 2 designs already done in another version of same design..and you can mix and match these to build more variations of these templates..Then show off your fun with a picture of it using your favorite kit..

    To donate...follow the SBM thread at beginning of posts that tell you how to upload new templates..

    When you create the new grayscale versions..simply delete the originals from your set so we have just your versions..You can add shapes to them if YOU made them... and don't forget to put your initials on them so they don't overwrite someone elses and we can give you credit when used!

    I used my very first kit of flowers that will be retired soon in this set..

    These layouts were from an OLD magazine challenge in 2007...I loved the one design so much..I used it for Max flairs with a little variation.

    Vary these as much as you like. These make for very easy and fun templates just
    clicking on the items and selecting your favorite papers and pictures..Add embellishments as desired.. You don't have to donate them back in grayscale but I must warn you we are limited to 5MB..LOL..grayscale is real LOW..

    DLT 8x8 Freebie Masked Templates-screenshot.jpgDLT 8x8 Freebie Masked Templates.sm2t

    Have fun!
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    Wont down load into SBM keeps saying Error


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      Try another browser for uploading..

      Kimmyann had that problem last week with alphas not downloading..

      SWITCH browsers and see if you can download them from another browser..
      I can't use Chrome anymore..but Firefox works great!

      If I sent them in email ...she was able to download easily..don't know what is going
      on with internet...

      If that doesn't resolve the issue.. Will have to reupload in zip..

      Let me know!


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        zip format

        You will have to unzip them when downloaded and then click on .sm2t to get them into Max..DLT Masked 8x8 Challenge


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          Here are the Templates I created from yours. Hope this is what you wanted. My pages made with templates also. KAWTemplates.sm2t
          My Template #1

          Used Template #1

          My Template #2

          Used Template #2


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            Mine downloaded and installed just fine using Chrome. Looks like a fun challenge. Hope to get around to it later today!


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              KimmyAnn...master of EXTRAORDINARY talent! There is NO right or wrong way with these templates...You are OUTSTANDING with your efforts of these! Much appreciated!

              Marion, sure hope you can join in! Love what you do with the templates! Glad Chrome works for gave me fits
              last month with uploads...that was after upgrade too..wonder if that has anything to do with it???

              Keep em coming! Great job!


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                Ahh Thanks Wonder!! This was fun!!


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                  Awesome Job Marion!!!


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                    Marion...they are absOlutely BRILLIANT!! AwE SOME work! Tickled senseless with you all! Can't wait to see if Cheesepiece and Wench come to play! as well as Fonzzy girl! Letha? come play!!! LOL


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                      I will try to come up with something. I don't do to well with templates


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                        You Can Do It Letha!! You Always have Beautiful Pages!!


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                          Amen to that.. Letha does do great templates!


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                            Try doing some of your layouts as SHAPES as well!

                            Here's the layout in shapes..Try that as well and we will open a thread in Embellishments to add some more shapes for freebies...I call these alignments or framers...grids..whatever you wish to call them..they help make templates a lot faster!

                            [ATTACH][ATTACH][ATTACH][ATTACH]DLT 2-2Recsq V4.png[/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
                            Attached Files