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  • GAMES Challenge 2014

    This Challenge can be a REAL thinker! You can make real elaborate or real simple..Your choice.

    In this template set are TWO games..1) CHECKERS using flowers and middles are the CROWNING process...

    Instructions on how to play checkers on first page and game board all set up on second page..

    2) Attention BUilder is the second game. Again, First page is instructions, and 2nd page is the game board.

    YOUR CHALLENGE is to make a GAME....or educational game....or fill in the blanks for a pledge, oath, song, whatever... Something to help you interact with another human using the great visual ability in MAX..

    Share your creation of a modified game like but NOT limited to:
    Tic Tac Toe
    Monopoly (using two templates LEFT and RIGHT to make the board) call it something else..HEARTOPOLY...CANDYOPOLY....whatever floats your boat!
    MEMORY games
    Trail games..
    etc., etc..

    Here are some shapes I made up to help stimulate your creative talents..

    GAMES Challenge 2014.sm2tGAMES Challenge 2014-screenshot.jpgDLT checkers board .pngLike Monopoly left side.pngLike Monopoly right side.png

    Or just share grids you make for Tic tac toe/aka: flowers and bows, etc. or memory board grids and place cards..etc..

    My autistic boys needed a very creative Mommy to help them learn and games was a GREAT way to help them learn..they are VERY VISUAL. Your efforts could very well help struggling parents help teach their kids the basics.

    Turbo Tutor was a great game resource for ADHD helpers. Attention BUilder is a modified version of one game we loved to play.. They had cubes to manipulate. We have visual blocks.

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    WOW!!! What a Challenge..... This will take me some time


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      I love using SBM to create games, flyers, cards and other things for my family and church. Here is one of many that I did for a baby shower game booklet.


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        Too Cute Letha!!


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          Letha..INCREDIBLY FAST!! BRILLIANT game!LOVE it! I'll send your Flair as soon as I finish it! LOL...

          Letha..could you please use your new found talent for uploading template for us to play with too! ?? LOL..wink, wink! GREAT idea! LOVE it!

          Yup Kimmyann..this will take some time! I have to do some redo' crash took all my file folder games with it! URGH! Have a really fun WEATHER file folder the kids and teachers loved!

          Lots of different things to do folks! Only limited by your imagination!


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            ok, here's the template. hopefully I did this right...I guess practice makes perfect
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              RIGHT ON !! Letha! Congrats have done it once again! and flair is now in your mailbox! LOL..Did not expect anyone to get something up so fast! WOW! Keep em comin!!

              AweSOME shower fun!


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                got another for you. My family group "The Grammy Bears" stay together during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. This is one way how we showed what we were thankful for. This is played like the game Scattergories where you have a dice that has alphabets on it and you roll it and you fill out the card. or if you don't have alphabet dice you can just choose a letter and complete your list.
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                  Letha, FANTASTIC fun!! BLESS you! Thanks so much! Works so well with my new years resolution! Be thankful!


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                    I cant do these challenges the templates wont go into SBM keeps saying its not a SBM file sorry fonzzy


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                      Hey you know what we are talking about when we say switch BROWSERS? Not sure if you use Explorer or Chrome..but try Firefox or Opera and then when this complaint comes in.


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                        I downloaded Chrome and I can get the files now.

                        Explore did some kind of update and it will give you an error file every time.

                        Chrome, Firefox, and others are free to Download. And if it ask if you want it to be your main browser, just say no. Then you can keep using explorer and just use which ever you choose to download your files.
                        Last edited by Kimmyann; 01-27-2014, 07:03 PM.


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                          Here is a Word Search I made using the Grid I made.

                          Click the thumbnail - then right click and save as, where ever you store your shapes.

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                            YES! YES! YES!! Brilliant work KimmyAnn! So much fun! Thank you MUCHO MUCHO!! sending flair to you!


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                              Thanks Donna!!!