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Masked 8x8 Challenge 2

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  • Masked 8x8 Challenge 2

    Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to rearrange the items on this page for an all new layout look! and submit back to this thread in template masked form.

    You are welcome to show off your talent with one of your favorite kits or just show off your wonderful layout abilities in this grayscale set up.

    This layout was taken probably from pinterest site or my favorite layout site..scrapbooks, etc. ..I can't find the information on it. I really need to work on that lack of info! Sorry.

    I have reproduced this layout making up some new shapes that are very similar to the layout! I really liked this layout. So let your creative juices flow! I'm a very boxy to see what you do with it!


    Masked 8x8 Challenge 2-screenshot.jpgMasked 8x8 Challenge 2.sm2t
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    Looks fun!!! Will get it working this weekend!!


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      Can't wait to see your fun when done Kimmyann! and hoping Letha, Tin Tin, Marion, Cheesepiece, Fonzzy, Wench, etc..will give it a go too!


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        here are some templates and pages made with them:


        4th Birthday
        Attached Files


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          Oh, YiPpIe! Kimmyann...gorgeous layouts! Love your donation! I'll make another flair to celebrate soon!
          AwEsOmE!!! THank you MUCH!


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            Sorry cant do these Challenges will not go into SBM fonzzy


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     aren't working your problem of not being able to download..don't you want to FIX that unfortunate problem?

              Try changing browsers..if that doesn't work..let's troubleshoot some more.. if ALL downloads are a problem with the .smt2..let's try to fix it. If only a few are an issue..we'll keep working it till we win!


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                Fonzzy, Which SBM do you have?

                If you have SBM 2 and Internet Explorer, it is Internet Explorer with the issue. I have to use Chrome to download SBM files, if not it tells me Error and it tries to open them as a PHP file.

                When I do it with chrome, it goes straight into SBM like it is suppose to.

                Hope this helps you!!


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                  Kimmyann Crome worked thank you I will have a go Is their a program to show how to upload the templates as an attached
                  thumbnail file


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                    Once you create your template page(s):
                    Go to File -
                    Next look for Export Template - Name your Template (remember to add your name, so folks will know where they go it)
                    Make sure you have remove photos and unlock group/unpin/unlock objects both checked
                    Click ok

                    Next Click reply in the thread and click go Advance
                    On the attachment icon (looks like paper clip) click on Add Files - Browse to SBM - Template section - You will have the SBM file and a Thumbnail ... click upload.....
                    Once you get all you files click done

                    hope this helps!!


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                      Yeah Fonzzy...glad you were able to finally get them!

                      You mentioned Attached Thumbnail...with those..CLICK to VIEW ...Then RIGHT CLICK and Select SAVE IMAGE AS..
                      Hope that helps!

                      HaPpY Day Fonzzy!